CQI Partner PCAB Accredited


Health Dimensions Compounding Pharmacy in Michigan

Health Dimensions has a long tradition of excellence as custom prescription compounders. When Health Dimensions opened in 1996, it was one of the nation’s first pharmacies dedicated exclusively to compounding. In 2006, Health Dimensions became of the first PCAB accredited compounding pharmacies. Less than 1% of pharmacies are accredited for having robust quality assurances for prescription compounding. For 20 years, has been meeting special medication needs for patients of all types.

PCAB accreditation for both sterile and general services places Health Dimensions among an elite group of pharmacies whose procedures and quality systems are third party reviewed for robust application of USP compounding standards. These measures ensure peace of mind that patients receive medications of the highest quality. Less than 1% of pharmacies are accredited for both sterile AND general compounding services.

Collaboration with physicians and patients to define optimal prescription regimes has been the hallmark of our practice. Our passion is to provide service excellence, accuracy and rapid response to patient needs. Areas of expertise include anti-infective care, pain management, hormone replacement, and customized dosages for patients of all ages and even companion pets.


We take care of people, make them well and deliver exceptional customer service experiences.



  1. Be leading providers of custom compounded prescription formulations.
  2. Educate patients and physicians about the benefits and availability of custom prepared medications.
  3. Deliver outstanding customer experiences.



Our name, abbreviated, provides a simple way of remembering the values that guide what we do: HDRX. These values revolve around our purpose-to take care of people; if there is ever a question about what to do, let our value system be the guide.

H is for hard working (e.g. highest quality, going the extra mile, resolve problems, maintain standards, seek improvement)

D is for dedication (e.g. dedicated to teamwork, company vision and strategy, resolving problems)

R is for responsibility (e.g. respond promptly to patient needs, responsibility for your actions)

X is for eXcellence (e.g. exceed patient expectations)