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“Thank You, Thank You, Thank You…”

I’ve been using Health Dimensions for a long time. They have been great in delivering my prescriptions everytime. Never had any complaints with them. I very highly recommend them to anyone that need their service.
Raymond D, Macomb, MI

“Thankfully we found Health Dimensions…”

“When you have a child with multiple, rare, severe, food allergies, you realize the simple things you use to take for granted. Little things like being able to bathe your child, brush his teeth, or give him something to cure his headache. And what happens if he gets sick? I knew how to keep my son safe on the food front, but how would I be sure his medications were free of all his allergens? I wouldn’t even be able to recognize harmful chemical ingredients or have all the necessary information available to me as a consumer to assess medications or personal hygiene products. And what happens when safe products don’t exist?

Thankfully we found Health Dimensions. Their caring, patient, professional staff researches products and creates ones when such products are unavailable. Corn is one of his most challenging food allergies and when coupled with soy and a few of his other food allergies, it was impossible to find a safe toothpaste for him. In addition, since all tooth fillings contain corn derivatives, if he gets a cavity we would be unable to fill it. So, fluoride was a must! Health Dimensions spent weeks creating and perfecting a toothpaste formula. When we could not find a soap that he would not react to, they searched relentlessly until they found a supplier with a rare but safe soap for him. I am so very fortunate to have Health Dimensions looking out for him.” – Kelly B., Michigan

“One of the best and most efficient…”

I was injured in 2007 and have dealt with many pharmacies since then. Of all the pharmacies I have dealt with, you are one of the best and most efficient. Thank you!
-J.S., Canton, MI

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!…”

“I’ve worked in customer service most of my life, and it’s so important to remember to compliment people when they do a great job. Health Dimensions always bends over backwards to answer my questions and I’m super happy with the service. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” -L.T., Livonia, MI

“The snoring has stopped…”

“According to my wife, my snoring had been getting progressively worse over the past few years. Recently, I picked up a bottle of your Snor-No-More spray. The snoring has stopped without any sort of side-effects and my wife couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much for a making this terrific product readily available without a prescription!” Matt Z., Farmington, MI

“Above and beyond.”

“It made my post surgical pain bearable-
Thank you for making the extra effort of getting my medication in a 2 day turn-around. Having to special order the compound and having it overnight shipped was above and beyond. You could have said “impossible,” but instead it was here as promised and I did not have to take a manufactured product and deal with a headache as well as surgical pain” -G. Frederick, Northville, MI

“…saving my health and marriage…”

“It is with tears in my eyes that I thank Health Dimensions for saving my health and marriage with a special hormone replacement medication! It has turned my life around.” -V.A., IN

“We made multiple phone calls without success until we called you.”

“My father was being treated in hospice care and we needed more concentrated Dilaudid. We made multiple phone calls without success until we called you. Not only did you make it, but you stayed late on a Friday to make it happen.You recognized our need and responded to it efficiently, professionally, and compassionately.Thank you so much.” -K.Cutler MD, Truckee, CA

“…always trying to find the right solution…”

“Just a shout out to say THANKS for all you do guys! I appreciate the fact you were able to get something out for my son so we can start on it over the weekend. And you are always trying to find the right solution for the kid!! THANKS!” -A. Lapain, Bloomfield, MI

“Reliable and Trustworthy Compounding.”

“Thanks for bailing us out again! You guys have come to our rescue more than a few times. You help make our jobs easier by assuring that our patients get their pain medications on time-Thank you for all your help!” – Maggie Spar – CitySearch

“Terrific Pharmacy Experience.”

“Thank you for the terrific customer experience! I really appreciate the dedication Diane and Bonnie showed by calling our physicians’ office several times to obtain the prescription before the shipping cut off time. Thank you to the IV staff who were on standby to get the patient their needed pain medication. You have an excellent staff!” -Megan F. R.Ph – CitySearch

“Will make you life easier!”

“For those people who need custom made prescriptions, finding a compounding pharmacy that will take care of you is important. I have experienced what Health Dimensions has to offer and I highly recommend it. They treat me with dignity and respect and are willing to bend over backwards to make my experience a pleasant one. I am sure they can help you with your prescription needs as well.” -GoSteelersWoo – CitySearch

“Helped me when I was in need.”

“These people helped me when I was in need. They were very helpful and kind. They did everything they could to make this hard (never had to go to a compounding pharmacy) experience easier. They addressed all my concerns, (what is this? how come my insurance won’t cover this? etc.) I would recommend them to anyone and everyone in my family. Thank you Health Dimensions.”-CoachB11, – CitySearch

“…turned down by CVS. They recommended Health Dimensions.”

“I didn’t even know what compounding was before my doctor tossed a prescription my way and I was turned down by CVS. They recommended Health Dimensions. The staff took the time to explain to me how everything worked (which is vastly different than anything I’ve experienced!). The pharmacist answered all of my questions, and they even gave me a list of doctors they recommended when I expressed my dislike for my current physician. Thanks HD for taking care of me!” – Alice Jane B., –

“Service was outstanding!!!”

“My wife has had problems with preterm labor. The compound medication they made was not available at the chains (CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens). The med helped my wife keep our son in her womb so he could go full term. Thanks to the whole staff at Health Dimensions compounding pharmacy. Service was outstanding!!! BTW, my son was born and is very healthy!” – Christopher B., –

“…they treat you as an individual…”

“Hi my name is Cheryl and I have been blessed with Health Dimensions. I enjoy the fact that they treat you as an individual and not a whole. The prescriptions are mixed for you not just anyone, that way you can be sure your body is receiving the right dosage. All of their prescriptions are mixed fresh not sitting in a jar waiting to be counted out. So you can be sure you are getting the pure medicine and right dosage. I like the fact that you are not getting the chemicals that the pharmacy medications use and they will ship your package directly to you. Health Dimensions is there to answer any questions you may have and ready to adjust your needs accordingly.

Through Health Dimensions I have been able to treat my menopause without using chemical hormone pills and the natural treatment is working without the side effects. I wish they would open more compounding pharmacies and more doctors and insurance companies would become educated about their results.”– Cheryl C., Sanford, FL

“…was looking for an alternative….I called Health Dimensions.”

My daughter has reflux and was prescribed Zantac. I had the Rx filled at Rite Aid and my co-pay was $40 and the total Rx cost was $190. Because of the form of the medication, I was looking for an alternative since I was having problems with the convenience and success in getting her to take it. I questioned the Rite Aid pharmacist about getting a liquid version and he said it only came in mint flavored liquid. I knew my picky 2 1/2 year old would not take a mint flavored medication. I called Health Dimensions (whom I had used myself for other prescriptions) to see if they could “make” me the liquid in cherry flavor. They could. I turned it over to them expecting to pay a fair amount to have this specially made. Imagine my surprise when I went to pick it up and the charge was a mere $70.90! I submitted on the pre-printed paperwork they provide and I was reimbursed $50.90.

I saved $20 on my co-pay and our prescription insurance saved $100! Not all Rx’s can be created and not all will be a savings but for me to save a yearly $240 and the my company insurance to save a yearly $1200 makes it well worth a phone call! The paperwork is easy and reimbursement is VERY fast! I highly recommend people check into this option and see if it’s a possibility for them to use for daily prescriptions. – Peggy W., – Farmington, MI

“…this cream helps better my mental health.”

“I have been taking a compound hormone cream for about one year. For me this cream helps better my mental health. When I forgot at times to take it I get my hot flashes back and feel a little less grounded. I’m glad something helps.” – S.T.,- Northville, MI

“I would recommend Health Dimensions to anyone and everyone.”

“Dealing with Health Dimensions has been a great experience. Everyone has been VERY nice and helpful. Prescriptions are always ready and correct. I would recommend Health Dimensions to anyone and everyone.”S.M., – Farmington Hills, MI

“…convenient and positive in their customer relations.”

“I have been using my 10 mg DHEA on a regular basis for several years. I feel it has helped my overall energy level and physical stamina. The pharmacy has been very convenient and positive in their customer relations.” – T.C., – Livonia, MI

“…I don’t think we have seen ALL of the potential benefits yet.”

“My cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroid and the vet recommended methimazole. I chose the topical version because it was difficult to give a cat pills or liquid twice a day. Before taking it she was lethargic, howling a lot and her coat was dull. After a week she was walking around more and more sociable. We are in the process of getting the correct dose so I don’t think we have seen ALL of the potential benefits yet.” – P.J., – Livonia, MI

“…easy to understand and they take insurance! I am more than satisfied with Heath Dimensions.”

“Good experience with Health Dimensions. Easy to refill prescriptions. The medication explains exactly how it should be taken. It is easy to understand and they take insurance! I am more than satisfied with Health Dimensions.” -S.M., – Huntington Woods, MI

“This prescription works better than any prescription I’ve ever had.”

“This prescription works better than any prescription I’ve ever had. It clears my sinuses and allows me to smell. I lose my sense of smell when my sinuses get infected. This prescription is effective for 8-9 weeks then I need another injection of the cream in my sinuses. The longer I use it, it seems to last for a longer period of time before I need another application.” -T.L., -Inkster, MI

“I would never go back to conventional medicine again.”

“My vet told me about Health Dimensions when my cat needed medication. I came in here and was fascinated and started asking questions. I am now going to Center for Holistic Medicine for my primary MD (Dr. Ng.) and am confident I am so much healthier since making the change. I would never go back to conventional medicine again. I trust these compounded medications and have always had a difficult time tolerating meds.” S.D., West Bloomfield, MI

“…works wonderfully.”

“The compound you made for me is the most natural acting medicine I’ve taken and works wonderfully.” – S.S., – Wayne, MI

“Every time I come here, there is never a wait, my prescriptions are ready…”

“I never even knew such a place existed until I began seeing Dr. Nusbaum at the Center for Holistic Medicine. Every time I come here, there is never a wait, my prescriptions are ready and I somehow just know that everything is okay. I’m thankful for natural and fresh medications being used for me.” – R.R., – Canton, MI

“It works great and Bertha doesn’t mind getting her medicine now!”

“My cat Bertha has to take buspar, an anti-anxiety medication. (Yes she is a large girl!) Since it would be difficult to pill her every day, my vet recommended using Health Dimensions to make her a topical cream that we apply to her ear. It works great and Bertha doesn’t mind getting her medicine now!” – M.R., – Novi, MI

“I would be lost without several of your products.”

“I have struggled with migraines for 28 years. After a hysterectomy I was relieved of the daily migraines and struggled with many symptoms associated with surgical menopause. The only relief was with natural estradiol. Without my tiny daily dose I can’t focus at all. I revert back to the daily migraines of previous years. I would be lost without several of your products.”– M.H.,  – Northville, MI

“Service has always been excellent!”

– M.B, – Plymouth, MI