Constant sinus issues? 

No one wants to be sidelined with constant sinus problems. Whether its allergies, a sinus infection, or the common cold, considered using a nasal irrigation to give your sinuses a break! 

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5 reasons to consider nasal irrigation
to give your sinuses a break!


1. Cost & Availability – Nasal Irrigation devices such as a Neilmed bottle are readily available at Target, Walmart, or other local pharmacies and can generally be purchased for less than $10.

2. Clears up congestion – Using a nasal Irrigation device can provide a large volume, low pressure water therapy that is helpful for flushing out pesky mucous and allergens without further agitating the affect areas.

3. Bypasses barriers Fluid delivered via irrigation flows into the sinus cavities, around natural obstructions within the nasal passages. Powered delivery systems create water droplets that move in straight line vectors into barriers instead of around.

4. Topical vs Oral – Medications delivered topically eliminate the risk of long-term systemic effects of medications delivered orally.

5. Personalized Nasal Irrigation Therapy We work with your doctor to develop a personalized nasal irrigation therapy that addresses your specific pharmaceutical needs.

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