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Patient Services

Sometimes getting the personalized care you need can be difficult.

We work hard so it does not have to be.

Clinical Services for Patients

Clinical Pharmacist Review

Assessing The Situation. Identifying Solutions.

With the evolving medical needs of modern patients, now more than ever, there is a call for personalized prescription care. Health Dimension’s Clinical pharmacists work tirelessly with prescribers to identify personalized solutions to the patient’s medication needs.

Health Dimensions has contracts with all major health plans.

Patient Education

Empowering the Patient to Better Health.

Health Dimensions believes in partnering with the patients we serve to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes. Our clinical pharmacists provide prescription education for every patient by walking through their prescription details, answering questions regarding the medications, and then defining the therapeutic process.

We believe that through education, patients can be empowered to have greater control in their own healthcare choices.

Patient Support

Care That Goes Above and Beyond.

At Health Dimensions, our certified pharmacy technicians are dedicated to providing our patients the highest quality care possible. Prescription follow-up calls, refill reminders, shipping options, texting options are all services we provide to our patients.

Health Dimensions also has a dedicated team to review patient feedback and continually improve the overall patient process. If you wish to provide feedback for our team, simply text “3” to 248-489-1573 and follow the feedback procedure.

Patient Consultation

Providing Personal Solutions for You.

Have more questions about our services? Request a FREE consultation and speak with one of our experienced clinical pharmacists! How experienced? Our clinical pharmacist team has accumulated over 80 years of experience!

Let us see how we can help you!