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Why Prescribers choose HDRX

Why do Physicians Love HDRX?

We go the extra mile to help physicians and their patients overcome barriers to success with their heath.

A Bridge to Optimal Outcomes

Build Accessibility

We Work to Get Prescriptions Covered By Insurance

Health Dimension’s Clinical pharmacists work tirelessly with prescribers to identify personalized solutions to the patient’s medication needs. 80% of Health Dimensions prescriptions are covered by Insurance.

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Reduce Costs

Empowering The Patient to Better Health.

Many patients and doctors believe that specialty RX services are not covered by insurance.

Not only do we work to ensure our prescriptions are covered by insurance, but we also work hard to keep our co-pays low, with an average co-pay of $17.00

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Education & Compliance

Care That Goes Above and Beyond.

We understand that 60% of patients forget their instructions immediately after meeting with their doctor, and 75% of patients do not take their medications and prescribed.

This is why Health Dimensions RX’s patients receive robust prescription education, and we ensure 100% of our patients receive follow-up care calls and refill support services.

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Access for Uninsured

Because Everyone Deserves Care

It is impossible that every patient will have health insurance, but that does not mean they do not deserve adequate care and treatment.

We have worked hard to provide care access for the uninsured. An average cash prescription cost range is $30 to $90