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Do you require more specialized medications? We work closely with your provider to build custom pharmaceutical solutions to meet your needs on an individual level. Ready to take your healthcare to the next dimension?

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The complex insurance landscape and pace of modern world creates barriers to prescription care. Since 1996, Health Dimensions Clinical Pharmacy (HDRX) has worked with doctors and their patients to overcome these barriers. With a commitment to clinical pharmacy care AND managing out of pocket costs, our unique service model empowers both the patient and prescriber to achieve optimal outcomes. We are the best choice when looking for a compounding pharmacy in Farmington Hills.

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Health Dimensions HDRX PCAB Accredited
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Don't just take our word for it. Hear from patients like you!

  • Our child has multiple food and drug allergies in addition to a few medical conditions. We would be lost without the services Health Dimensions provides in sourcing and compounding safe medications for our son. They are professional, knowledgeable, and very caring. They have thorough steadfast procedures in place that ensure his safety. We are very blessed to have Health Dimensions on our family’s health care team.

    Kelly Avatar
  • I have been dealing with Health Dimensions Compounding Pharmacy on County Club Drive in Farmington Michigan since 1985. Everyone that I have had to talk to has been overly pleasant. I have walked in and even if the representative was very busy they acted as if they had nothing to do until I got there. I would recommend this establishment with a definite five star rating. J. C.

    Jim Avatar
  • Health Dimensions Compound Pharmacy is a wonderful alternative to traditional medicines, especially when the traditional medicines don't work. It's very comforting when a compound is made up specifically for your needs and also very effective. The personnel are warm and caring. They go out of their way to accommodate you. They will do any research necessary to satisfy your needs. Kudos to Ian for such a fantastic job!!! I know he will go out of his way to guarantee satisfaction.

    Fatino Avatar
  • Health Dimensions has always provided me with amazing customer service. The communication is great and my prescriptions are always ready on time or even early. Hanan is so professional and a pleasure to speak with every time I call! Thanks Health Dimensions for the great customer service!

    Morena Avatar
  • The customer service is top notch. They are patient as well as professional. When you walk into the building you know that it is at the highest standards of cleanliness. I was able to observe a young lady in the process of combining some properties and she had on a gown, gloves and cap. They even gave me a free ink pen! I would highly recommend this pharmacy for any of your needs.

    Jeannie Avatar

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