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About Health Dimensions

Locally Owned. Michigan Based.

Health Dimensions has a long tradition of excellence as a pharmacy dedicated to improving pharmaceutical care for patients and prescribers alike. When Health Dimensions opened in 1996, it was one of the nation’s first pharmacies dedicated exclusively to compounding. In 2006, Health Dimensions also became one of the nation’s first PCAB accredited pharmacies.

PCAB accreditation for both sterile AND general services places Health Dimensions among an elite group of pharmacies whose procedures and quality systems are third party reviewed for robust application of USP compounding standards. These measures ensure peace of mind that patients receive medications of the highest quality. Less than 1% of pharmacies are accredited for both sterile AND general compounding services.

Health Dimensions’ work with physicians and patients to define optimal prescription regimes has been the hallmark of our practice. Our passion is to provide service excellence, accuracy and rapid response to patient needs. Areas of expertise include anti-infective care, pain management, hormone replacement, and customized dosages for patients of all ages and even companion pets.

Meet the Pharmacists

Nathan Troike

Nathan Troike, PharmD

Nathan Troike received his Doctor of Pharmacy at the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy. Nathan has been with Health Dimensions 10 years working primarily as the Pharmacy Manager. The most rewarding aspect of his job is consulting patients on their medications and finding affordable solutions for them. In his personal life, he is married and has 4 children, a dog, and a cat. His favorite activities include trivia and playing in various musical ensembles. In the past, Nathan played in the Michigan Marching Band on the tuba.

Mary Dennis

Mary Dennis, RPh

Mary Dennis received her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from Wayne State University. She works primarily as Health Dimension’s Laboratory Pharmacist – checking the work of pharmacy technicians, packaging compounded medication, consulting patients, checking data entry, and taking prescriptions over the phone. Mary’s favorite aspect of her job is working in an environment where she can collaborate with other pharmacists. She is married with 2 adult children and cares for 2 cats. Some of Mary’s favorite hobbies are gardening and nature/landscape photography. She is proud of the fact that she can prepare almost any gluten free food and still make it taste good!

Scott Popyk, RPh, MBA, Founder

Scott Popyk, RPh, MBA, Founder

Scott Popyk grew up in Detroit, MI, and is a graduate of the Wayne State College of Pharmacy. Early on, Scott worked in a variety of practice settings including long-term care, community pharmacy, and home infusion. In these environments, Scott gained valuable insight into the needs of patients that weren’t being met by standard, mass-produced pharmaceuticals. As Scott’s expertise grew, he envisioned a pharmacy practice focused entirely on personalized prescription care. In 1996, Health Dimensions Clinical Pharmacy was established with a mission to provide doctors and patients better outcomes through custom compounded, personalized medications. At the time, HDRx was one of the nation’s few pharmacy practices so focused on personalized care. In the following years, HDRx became a standard-bearer for quality systems in the compounding pharmacy practice and in 2006 received accreditation. In 2013, Scott was honored to become a board member of the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (now APC).

HDRX provides personalized prescription care in whatever form is needed by the patient -creams, injections, eyedrops and more. Since 1996, Scott and the HDRx team have had the privilege of seeing tens of thousands of patients find healing and relief through HDRx Clinical Pharmacy.

Rebecca Augustyn

Rebecca Augustyn, PharmD, BS

Rebecca Augustyn received her Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Michigan Technological University. She later went on to receive her Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Currently, Rebecca works in both the compounding laboratory and the Patient Care Service department. Her responsibilities include overseeing the compounding of patient prescriptions, consulting patients in-person and over the phone, and working with doctors to provide patients with the best possible treatment. Rebecca enjoys collaborating with both patients and doctors to come up with ulterior therapeutic options based on allergies, symptoms, and insurance coverage. Her favorite aspect is assisting patients who have allergies to manufactured medications find the best option for their needs which cannot be found elsewhere. In her personal life, Rebecca enjoys spending time with her husband and her dog. She loves outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and skiing. An interesting fact about Rebecca is that everyone in her family, including her husband, were all born on the 2nd or 22nd of a month.

Rachel Carter McCubbin RPh

Rachel Carter McCubbins, PharmD

Rachel earned her Doctor of Pharmacy from Ohio Northern University (go Bears!) and has been part of the Health Dimensions team for almost a decade. Her main focuses are the sterile and non-sterile compounding labs and quality control. She enjoys finding creative solutions especially for pediatric and veterinary patients. Rachel resides in Northville with her husband, their two young daughters and their big labradoodle “Einstein”. She is an outdoor enthusiast, marathon runner, and hobby baker. Rachel enjoys hosting friends for gatherings and is active at Ward Church.