A Summary of the Immune System

What is the Immune System?

The Immune System is one of 11 major systems in the body. It is the body’s primary method of eliminating harmful microbes (bacteria that causes disease). Amazingly, the Immune System remembers each germ it encounters so that it responds faster the next time the germ enters the body.

A couple key elements of the Immune System include antibodies and white blood cells. Antibodies identify harmful microbes and mark them as foreign invaders. White blood cells are constantly searching the body for foreign invaders to eliminate through an immune attack. When an antibody has marked a microbe, the white blood cells are able to efficiently discover and remove the threat. These actions within the body require many proteins and chemicals in order to function properly.

Why is the Immune System important? 

The Immune System is critical to bodily functions on an every-day basis. From birth to adulthood, the body is exposed to countless strands of bacteria that exist in the surrounding world. The body is able to easily encounter new bacteria because of the Immune System’s quick response. It is important to keep a healthy Immune System to maintain this balance, particularly in inclement weather.

Why Viracid? 

Many methods exist to assist the Immune System in supporting the body’s functions: vaccinations, antibiotics, a wholesome diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep, and the use of supplements. Supplements help to restore balance in the body, providing essential nutrients and extracts which the body may be lacking for optimal immune support. Viracid in particular is used heavily during the winter months due to the changes in weather and the consequential spread of contagious illness.

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