Long Term Immune Support With WholeMune!

At this time of the year, we are faced with the ongoing struggle of surviving the winter months with as little sickness as possible. Recently, the World Health Organization has labeled the Wuhan coronavirus as a public health emergency. Meanwhile, we still have the common cold and the flu to worry about spreading. It is important to provide the body with resources to support a healthy, sustainable immune system. That is why Health Dimensions Clinical Pharmacy has a special sale on the Ortho Molecular WholeMune supplement in the month of February, along with its duo immune product, Viracid.

What is WholeMune?

WholeMune is an immune supporting supplement which helps cells move faster throughout the body for more immediate immune defense. In doing so, WholeMune provides protection for the immune system from ongoing stress. This supplement also helps maintain mental clarity and positive disposition, improving the body’s reaction towards invading pathogens.

WholeMune Ingredients

WholeMune is comprised of a single beta-glucan called Wellmune. Clinical trials have proven that this is the most beneficial nutrient in promotion of immune response. While Wellmune is a natural yeast product, it is highly purified and gluten-free.

WholeMune VS Viracid

The difference between these two immune health supplements is the longevity of support they provide. WholeMune is meant to be used over a longer period of time and is more of a “slow release” supplement. Viracid is effective in a very short span of time, but with strong inclination to improve the immune system during sickness. It is recommended to take WholeMune for sustainability and Viracid when you feel under the weather.

Visit Health Dimensions Clinical Pharmacy today to pick up a bottle of WholeMune along with a complimentary free blister package of Viracid! You can also order online at https://www.hdrx.com/supplements/ or call our Patient Care Service Department at 248-489-1573.